The Only Way to Fly!

It’s the time of year when many of us are planning to head off on a summer vacation adventure! Exciting to be sure, but sometimes vacation time can wreak havoc on our healthy lifestyles that we have cultivated all year. If you follow our blog you may have seen posts in the past about how to have a healthier vacation.

Think back…have you ever taken a long road trip, shoveled in the junk food the entire time, and got to your destination just in time for a food coma and huge headache in the morning?  Yeah, I thought so!  I did it back in the day, too, and felt so bad that I didn’t enjoy the journey one bit.  Well, no more!  I work hard at health, and I now enjoy the benefits of eating well, drinking lots of water, and consuming alcohol in moderation.

So let’s talk about that a little bit.  What, in your opinion, makes a great vacation?  For me, it’s doing active and fun things, eating great local food, getting out in nature, and maybe even meeting the locals.  It’s NOT drinking myself silly by a pool, piling fries and burgers on my plate, or lying in a lounge chair getting a fried body.  Here are just a few ideas for making the kinds of choices on your next adventure that will guarantee amazing memories for a lifetime.

The Packing 

I love the challenge of getting into a carry-on.  But if you have to check a bag, make sure all the stuff you can’t afford to lose come with you to your seat on the plane!  I use Juice Plus capsules…fruit and veggies are the best medicines in the world, and these always travel with me, along with my Complete bars.  You might have another brand you love, but be sure to pack healthy snacks for the travel days.  Airplane and airport food is getting better, but it can be a real struggle on the road.  I also carry a Brita filter water bottle for extra protection at roadside stops and to refill on the other side of security.  This is also handy when outside the US.  I find that fortifying my system before I go with primadophilus is also helpful.  If you eat dairy, you could try Greek yogurt, too.

The Travel

Whether you are flying or driving, you’ve got to move!  It’s so dangerous to sit for long periods of time.  I know people who drug themselves to fly…very bad idea.  You know how dry the air is on planes?  OMG, you have to suck down water constantly to avoid the dehydration headache when you land.  It’s bad enough that your head wants to pop sometimes as the aircraft descends!  I KNOW you are a little nervous, or just excited to be on vacation, but avoid the alcohol both the night before AND while flying.  That glass of wine will taste that much sweeter when you arrive in paradise, and you will be so glad that you drank all that water and feel so GOOOOOD!

That will make you get up to use the bathroom or stop at the rest area.  Take a short hike.  Do some stretches.  Make little circles with your toes (I like to trace the alphabet, or move to the music).   Shrug your shoulders to your ears, and drop them down.  Roll circles with your shoulders forward and backward.  Slowly roll your head.  Stretch your arms to the ceiling.

Remember mom telling you to eat your vegetables?  She was right!  New studies are finding that since our earth is being depleted of important minerals for farming, that we actually need to eat up to 20 servings a day now to get the same nutrition our grandparents did from their veggies!  Yikes!  So whatever you do, go on a treasure hunt at the buffet for all the pretty food…lots of color on your plate.  Avoid the “white” foods that are considered to be inflammatory.  Drink at least as much good quality water in ounces as half your body weight each day.  By all means, enjoy that glass of vino now.

Find the gym right away to learn when the classes are held.  Walk the stairs on the ship to see all the great art.  Take a walk on the beach.  Swim in the ocean.  Have your travel agent book a kayak adventure or zip-line.  Swim with the dolphins or whale sharks.  Scuba or snorkel.  Hike in the mountains.  Ride a bike.  Get out and LIVE LIFE!  Roam around the city without a purpose.  (Please always be aware of your surroundings, obviously, and don’t bring  expensive jewelry.)  Find a little cafe around the corner and communicate with the locals.  It’s a good bet they want to practice their English, and you might get a brief lesson in the local language.  You may even get an invitation to meet them after work at their favorite dance club.

The Memories

Which vacation will you remember more…the one where you sat on the beach and read the next book in that series you love?  Or the one where your whole family went on a catamaran to snorkel with the stingrays?  Stretch yourself the next time you travel.  If you are not athletic, no worry!  Prepare a little bit by walking regularly a month or more before the trip.  Ask your travel planner to research the nature and fun activities you can arrange before you leave, or ask your concierge when you arrive.

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